The Awesome Duo of Joe & Josie

Joe & Josie, the talented duo, have quite a history of entertaining Cape May County crowds. Joe & Josie remained the full-time weekend band at Wildwood’s favorite hideaway on the waterway, the Wharf, for approximately ten years. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights were spent keeping the lively Wharf patrons singing along or on their feet.
When new owners took the Wharf reigns... Read More


A History of Cape May - Congress Hall and the Rusty Nail

For almost two centuries, Congress Hall has offered hospitality to locals and visitors alike. It began its life in 1816 as a simple boarding house for summer visitors to one of America's earliest seaside resorts. Its owner, Thomas H. Hughes, called his new boarding house "The Big House". The local people had other ideas, though. Convinced the building was far too large to ever be a success... Read More


Island Hopping

Cape May County is a treasure trove of thrills, games, specialty seafood, happy hour specials, traditional family-style restaurants, beach gear, breakfast favorites, and relaxing rituals. Yet with its six hundred and twenty square-mile span, this Jersey shore county can be quite daunting. With all this ground to cover, where should you even begin? “Blast” is here with this summer’s final... Read More

Mixology 101 - Drink of the Week

In my utter denial that summer’s warm weather and sunny days were soon coming to a close, I set my sights on an island getaway. No, I did not escape to the Caribbean. Rather, I decided to hit North Wildwood’s very own tropical paradise. Flip Flopz Beach Bar & Grill proudly features its scenic Tiki Topz Poolside. I had heard rave reviews about the hot Tiki Topz Pool Parties and had to... Read More


Do The Shore Fashion Makeover

As a college soccer player at Wesleyan University, nineteen-year-old Kelly was looking to find a fun look for her off-the-field time. Heaven’s Apparel of Stone Harbor stepped in to save the day. A member of the Heaven’s Apparel staff jumped right into her makeover duties, suggesting the latest and greatest items the store offers. Kelly first slipped into a nude sundress which she said was... Read More


Dine at The Merion Inn

Throughout the 20th century, The Merion Inn of historic Cape May has retained the charm and the graciousness of the Victorian era. The Merion Inn’s traditional regional seafood specialties, sizzling steaks, and classic cocktails have kept generations of Cape May locals and visitors coming back for more. Sample the innovative Pan-Seared Cape May Scallops or the Ginger Soy-Glazed Atlantic Salmon... Read More