Goodnight Irene's - A Beer Lover's Paradise

Goodnight Irene’s Brew Pub, originally The Poplar Café, has been frequented by Wildwood patrons for over thirty years. After a remodel and a major overhaul, this bar now offers a relaxing pub atmosphere, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike any day of the week. There is no better pub for beer lovers and the beer-curious.
Irene’s is home to Wildwood’s largest craft beer selection and was... Read More


What to Do When Skies Aren't Blue...Movie Preview!

What to do when a stormy forecast clouds big plans for a beautiful Cape May County day? When in doubt, an afternoon at the movies is a classic choice. While the summer winds down, there are still plenty of highly anticipated feature film releases to come. Here, we preview those that seem to be generating the biggest Hollywood buzz.
“Premium Rush”
Release Date: August 24th
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Chill at Dogtooth Bar & Grill

At the core, it is the personal elements of Dogtooth that shine. The Dogtooth Bar & Grill is renowned as one of Wildwood’s top restaurants, known for its diverse selection. Inspired by his father’s love for the ocean and long-time Kona Surf ownership, Brendan decided to open a unique restaurant concept that offers a great place for locals and tourists to start off their night with their... Read More


Make the Bolero Resort a Tradition

Offering both luxury and cost-efficient accommodations, the Bolero Resort and Conference Center makes a Wildwood visit possible for patrons of varying budgets and tastes. Whether seeking a couple’s suite or accommodations for a family of six, the Bolero offers spacious rooms and excellent services and amenities to suit visitors’ needs. Free wireless internet, a massage center, sundeck, and... Read More

Mixology 101 - Bartender of the Week

Burt of Bobby Dee’s Rock‘n Chair has been bartending for a grand total of twenty years. But he didn’t bring his skills and sharp sense of humor to Bobby Dee’s until about six years ago. And Cape May County couldn’t be any happier that he did.
Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Burt retired from his career at General Motors and relocated to his Jersey Shore home on First Avenue in... Read More

Mixology 101 - Drink of the Week

What better place to crown this week’s drink of the week than 7-Mile’s favorite nightlife hotspot, The Princeton of Avalon? I entered the beautiful brick building and took a seat at the sprawling marble-top bar. Just moments later, I was greeted by bartender Laura. Overwhelmed by the extensive cocktail and martini list she had handed me, I had no idea where to start. I eventually surrendered... Read More

Lifeguard of the Week

This week’s outstanding lifesaver hails from the Wildwood Beach Patrol. When asked for his recommendation, WBP Captain Steve Stocks did not hesitate to inform me that his first choice would most definitely be Tim Strybuc. Tim has been a member of the patrol since the summer of 2006 and has certainly made his mark.
I arrived at WBP Headquarters ready to go and was greeted by Lieutenant... Read More


Cultureal - Captains of Cape May County Reggae

The ten-piece reggae band Cultureal has been bringing its unique island sound to various Cape May County hotspots this summer season. Joshua Winer, lead vocalist and bassist, carefully assembled this renowned reggae ensemble in the summer of 2006.
Originally from Massachusetts, Joshua Winer attended Berklee College of Music where he concentrated in International Studies of Music and... Read More


Happy 50th Uncle Bill's!

Throughout its fifty year history, Uncle Bill’s Pancake House has become a Jersey Shore icon and a beacon of excellent service at family-friendly prices. While the eight Uncle Bill’s locations along the coast from Cape May to Ocean City are not united as one company, they are related.
The Uncle Bill’s legacy began in 1962 with Bill and Eleanor Donahue. They opened the very first location... Read More


Bar Hopping

With so many beach bars, pubs, and casual clubs to choose from, Cape May County renders nightlife decision-making extremely difficult. Thus, I set out on a mission to hit as many favorite late-night hotspots as possible in a two night span. Here, I review my Wildwood “Bar Hopping” encounters.
Thursday evening had finally rolled around after what seemed like an endless week of work... Read More