Cape May

H&H Seafood

H&H Seafood was created in 2006 as an outlet for our commercial boat operation, H&H Fisheries, to unload fresh-caught product and sell to the public. We began with live crabs and local lobsters, and as our fishery grew, we added more locally-caught fish and shellfish. Today, we offer a large selection of live and steamed seafood. Choose from live crabs and lobsters or fresh clams, shrimp, scallops, and fish. We also offer steamed seafood options on our menu. Stop by today to peruse our extensive selection or to ask about our locally-caught seafood options. H&H operates 3 commercial boats that bring in Blue Claw Crabs, Lobster, Sea Bass, Conch, Tautog, Dog Fish, Jonah Crabs, and seasonal fish. We bring in shrimp, local clams and oysters, Cape May Scallops, mussels, and fish to provide our customers with quality choices. If you'd prefer, choose any of our fresh catches and we'll wrap it up for you to take home and prepare yourself, along with our variety of soups, salads, and side dishes to take home with you.