Duffer's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

Visit Duffer’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor and you’ll agree with their slogan, “We serve old fashioned quality and quantity.” That’s the way it has been since 1974, when Duffer’s began as a golf course and custard stand. Today, enjoy family dining in a lovely Victorian setting and the only homemade ice cream on the island. Experience the charming elements and classic design of ivy columns, wooden booths, and stained glass ceilings. Start your day with their light Swedish pancakes at breakfast, and come back for the tempting luncheon selections, and full-course dinners. You may be looking for an array of light snacks or salads to save room for their delicious homemade ice cream treats, and not to worry, because Duffer’s has it all. Children of all ages will find hours of pleasure teeing off on Duffer’s interactive miniature golf course and arcade, featuring a nautical atmosphere with an oversized sinking ship, colorful fish, huge sand castle, and an octopus, all in a harbor town setting. .