Dolce Italia Pizzeria & Family Restaurant

Dolce Italia opened in 1995 and has now been open for 21 years and is still going strong. The owners, Giacomo and Nicoletta Biondo, moved from Sicily in 1990. If you are interested in real Italian food done right then you can find yourself at the family owned and operated restaurant, Dolce Italia.

Enjoy some of their featured favorites such as their Sicilian Pizza that was voted best on the island. If that is not enough, then feast on Nicoletta’s delicious pork sandwich that will make you want to come back for more. If you are craving seafood, you can find that here too. Their seafood platters consist of littleneck clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari that can be put in red or white sauce. They always use fresh ingredients for their food and best of all they use their very own homemade tomato sauce.

They always have daily lunch specials and fresh baked bread. Finish the meal off with a selection of desserts, the most popular being Limoncello Mascarpone. Dolce Italia has two lovely dining rooms filled with Italian style artwork for you to enjoy as you eat. If you want something fast to bring home then you also have the option to take food out and if you are already home then have it delivered. If you are having a party or plan to have people over then you can call us for some of the best catering around. This is a great place to take your friends and family, so come out and enjoy.