Off Shore

Cape May Distillery

Experience handcrafted spirits from the Cape at Cape May Distillery. Our area’s first distillery, Cape May Distillery’s hands-on process uses locally grown raw ingredients sourced in the state of New Jersey. Learn all about the distilling process during a tour of the facility, then take a seat at the bar and taste one of Cape May Distillery’s varieties. Tours and tastings occur Thursday through Tuesday from 12 to 6 p.m., and daily 12 to 6 p.m. during July and August. The facility is available to rent for private parties. Call for details.

Cape May Distillery has mastered its rum to create the perfect blend of fresh ingredients. During your tasting experience, the staff at Cape May Distillery will serve you signature cocktails that bring out the best of these handcrafted spirits. Try the Cape May Mojito or the Beach Rum Sunset, both made with Cape May Distillery’s Beach Rum. Beach Rum, although a modern product, is full of complex, refined flavors that are the result of subtle blending. It boasts a bold yet dissipating flavor with a hint of vanilla, and isn’t overbearing. Beach Rum is extremely smooth and goes down easy mixed – try it as a substitute in cocktails that typically use vodka!

Barrel Rum is another one of Cape May Distillery’s popular varieties. This elixir is perfect for sipping straight if you're not a fan of sweet rum cocktails. Even without the confectionery qualities found in many other brands, this bottle still manages to be inviting with aromas of vanilla, oak and caramel, beckoning tasters to come back for more. Double Barrel Honey Spirit and Blueberry Rum are also available for your tasting pleasure, both made with locally sourced ingredients. All varieties are produced, blended and bottled in Cape May County. Come try them all and leave with your favorite!