Off Shore

7 Mile Brewery

“Great Beer for Great People” is the philosophy at 7 Mile Brewery, and the brews it serves are nothing short of it. This craft brewery provides an array of beers that fit the palates of multiple people, made with all kinds of malts, grains, hops, sugars and other flavorings. 7 Mile opened its doors in September 2016 after owners Pete Beyda and Chris Collett finally decided to make their dream come true – a dream that started in a Stone Harbor garage with a small home brewing system. Pete and Chris worked hard to perfect the recipes they’ve been refining for years, plus create new flavors, resulting in great beer as interesting as the people who drink it. Today, 7 Mile boasts a 4,000-barrel annual production capacity and over 2,000 square feet of first class tasting room space. The Tasting Room is spacious and inviting with plenty of chairs, stools, tables and bar space to accommodate everyone.