Lifeguard of the Week

For two summers running, Cape May Beach Patrol has proven itself on its own turf at the Cape May Point Women’s Lifeguard Challenge. The glory for these victories is owed entirely to the Reading Ave. stand partners and team of Meghan O’Leary and Kerry Choplin. Thanks to these two exceptional lifesavers, this week’s choice for lifeguard(s) of the week was a no-brainer. Together, they have... Read More


YoGo Factory - Delicious Do-It-Yourself

In the summer of 2011, self-described entrepreneur Brian Petruzzi was looking to start a new business. After a trip to California and a few subsequent visits to frozen yogurt stores of the Northeast U.S., Petruzzi was convinced that he had discovered a better approach to the next best thing. Brian’s brainchild business – YoGo Factory – opened its flagship store in Galloway Township on July... Read More


Chips & Divots

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and golfing season is in full swing. Cape May County is home to breathtaking golden sunset views, but what about the green? A number of Par-3 and full golf courses throughout the area promise beautiful landscape scenery that rivals a beach sunset.
Sand Barrens Golf Club
The unique personality and layout of Sand Barrens Golf Club makes for... Read More

Mixology 101 - Drink of the Week

Family owned and operated Rio Station of Rio Grande has been the talk of Cape May County since its debut 25 years ago. In my quest for this week’s killer cocktail, I decided to discover for myself what all the Rio Station hype is truly about. And for the first time in the history of our drink of the week feature, the competition resulted in a dead tie.
I was immediately greeted by Rio... Read More

Mixology 101 - Bartender of the Week

Unbeknownst to most Wildwood Crest locals and visitors, the Bay View waterfront restaurant and bar is home to a champion bartender. Art is proud to be celebrating his first anniversary as a Bay View employee this month. But he is no newcomer to the bartending business. Originally from Connecticut, Art has been serving up cold cocktails and brews for 36 years now. He relocated to Wildwood in... Read More


What to Do When Skies Aren't Blue...Book Review!

What really happened to Amy?
“Gone Girl” By Gillian Flynn (2012).
“Gone Girl” is not your typical summer read…it isn’t lighthearted and easy nor upbeat and fun. This is a book that makes you think and that takes you down a road full of twists and turns into a story that will truly captivate you. But this is one book that I have added to my favorites list!
The first 150 pages... Read More

Activities, Shopping

Downtown Wildwood - A New Experience with Old Charm

Wildwood owes its beginnings to English Navigator Henry Hudson and his voyage in 1609 seeking a new route to China. Upon entering the Delaware Bay on August 28, 1609, he quickly turned around after realizing that the inlet he and his crew had sailed into was not the Northwest Passage. After exploring the inlet, Hudson and his voyagers upon the boat, "the Half Moon," watched contently as the... Read More


Island Hopping

Cape May County is a treasure trove of thrills, games, specialty seafood, happy hour specials, traditional family-style restaurants, beach gear, breakfast favorites, and relaxing rituals. Yet with its six hundred and twenty square-mile span, this Jersey shore county can be quite daunting. With all this ground to cover, where should you even begin? “Blast” is here with our sixth edition of... Read More


Award-Winning Songwriter Reed Waddle in Wildwood

Wildwood is now home stage to nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Reed Waddle. What brings this Telluride Troubador Contest grand prize winner to Cape May County?
“It’s an interesting story,” starts Reed. His father worked as a fisherman stationed out of Virginia throughout the 70s. One of the boats he worked on, called “The Holly Murphy”, actually sank off the coast of Cape May on... Read More


Chips & Divots

Wow! What a summer it has been. When it is hot and humid, like it has been lately, it is important to be more mindful and prepared to play golf. We wait ALL winter to be able to get out and hit balls and play a round of golf. Don’t let the heat discourage you from playing golf this summer! Remember, a hot day on the golf course is still better than a nice day anywhere else ~
Here are... Read More